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Checkpoint Catalyst

The Whole Picture

Checkpoint Catalyst is the fastest, most efficient way to research even the most complicated tax issues.

Checkpoint Catalyst delivers so much more than any other type of online research library, it’s in a category of its own. As the next generation of online tax research, Checkpoint Catalyst is the first product of its kind to be created specifically for the web—not designed and formatted for print.

Now, you can get the whole picture of a topic—with sources, diagrams, interactive tools and featured developments that come together in context, all on one screen.

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  • Topics can be expanded or collapsed, simultaneously facilitating quick lookups and detailed research.
  • Interactive tools, diagrams, and decision trees are embedded directly within the workflow, taking you from question, to answer, to action.
  • Statements are supported by authority, making it extremely easy to read the underlying primary sources.
  • State tax implications and U.S. international tax implications are discussed directly within the topic— saving research steps and reducing the risk that something important could be missed.
  • Recent tax developments and other noteworthy news articles are presented in context of the topic to keep you up-to-date on important developments or provide a quick refresher on recent changes.
  • Each topic has a clear date-marker so that there’s no uncertainty about when the content was last reviewed or updated.

Topic Coverage

Examine specific tax issues and business transactions from a practical, workflow perspective

Checkpoint Catalyst is a collection of topics that examine specific tax issues and business transactions from a practical, workflow perspective focusing on:

  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies
  • Tax Accounting
  • Cost Recovery
  • Sales and Exchanges
  • State Specific Topics
  • Consolidated Groups
  • Investments
  • International (U.S. Income Tax)
  • Learn about our US GAAP coverage on revenue recognition, leasing and more

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Topics can be expanded or collapsed to provide a landscape perspective on a topic, as well as the ability to drill down into detail depending on the needs of the user. This web focus simultaneously facilitates quick lookups and detailed research.

Amplify Your Checkpoint Library

Get even more out of your Checkpoint experience

Checkpoint Catalyst can be used to support tax planning and transactional work. Its unique design amplifies the value of your existing Checkpoint research library by bringing relevant content together so that related resources within your subscriptions can immediately be viewed in context of the topic—reducing the chance that something important could be missed.

Easily go to other sources within the Checkpoint content library to cross-check the discussion. This is particularly important when a topic of law is developing and you are looking for a consensus view about a tax implication.

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