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Transitioning your firm to value-based pricing

Value-based pricing rewards your firm and employees for their expertise and efficiency

Antiquated billing models are stunting the growth of modern tax and accounting firms. As client needs change, most firms are offering consultative services to meet these new demands. But if you’re still charging by the hour for these offerings, you’re limiting how much your firm can financially capitalize from the transition to this more consultative role.

The traditional hourly approach to billing can punish firms and employees for working quickly and for growing their breadth of knowledge. Instead, your firm should base its consultative service pricing around the value you bring to clients. That’s what clients are seeking—value—and value-based pricing rewards your firm and employees for their expertise and efficiency. 

“Transitioning your firm to value-based pricing” examines how this new pricing approach fits with your evolving service offerings. It explains:

  • Why that approach will benefit your firm and your clients
  • How to develop a value pricing strategy
  • How to show clients the value you bring to their business
  • Dealing with the “What ifs”
  • How to succeed with value-pricing

Download the white paper now so you can begin your transition to a pricing model that is fairer for your firm and clients.

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