Adopting a growth mindset

Consider challenges as opportunities

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Sandra Wiley
President, Boomer Consulting Inc
Danielle Esper
Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters
Keith Hall
Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Consider challenges as opportunities

Discover how to tackle capacity issues with a dynamic blend of effective time management, strategic project coordination, and the right technologies. 

Key learnings:

  • How to identify and utilize new strategies and resources to expand your firm's capabilities, setting the stage for growth and innovation. 
  • Time management techniques that can transform your team's day-to-day operations, heighten productivity, and cultivate an environment ripe for growth. 
  • What lies behind common capacity challenges and how to implement effective solutions to overcome these obstacles, driving your firm toward long-term prosperity.

Gain practical tips and insights on the root causes of capacity issues and explore viable solutions to overcome these challenges.

  • Sandra Wiley

    President, Boomer Consulting Inc

    Sandra is a leader in the accounting profession with a passion for helping firms grow, adapt, and thrive. She is regularly recognized by Accounting Today as one of the 100 most Influential People in Accounting as a result of her expertise in leadership, management, collaboration, culture-building, talent, and training. She is also a naturally gifted public speaker, noted for the energy and excitement she brings to an audience. At the same time, she adds a personal touch that leaves individuals in the crowd with a sense that she is your friend. This ability to build relationships and project warmth makes her especially effective at creating great teams.

  • Danielle Esper 

    Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

    With over eight years at Thomson Reuters, Danielle serves as a Solutions Consultant specializing in advisory services. A dedicated professional, she actively participates in thought leadership events, including Partner Summits, Advisory Symposiums, and Synergy conferences. Danielle leverages this experience to drive innovative solutions, contributing to the evolution of advisory services within the industry.

  • Keith Hall 

    Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

    Keith is a Senior Solutions Consultant. As a part of the Thomson Reuters team since 2015, he currently specializes in advisory solutions while also working with solutions involving tax preparation, tax planning, firm management, document management, information exchange, and more.  

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