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Boost the efficiency of your comparable company analyses

Why choose Benchmark

Optimize your comparable company searches — global, public, and private — and perform benchmark analyses for intercompany transactions with Benchmark from Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE. Benchmark is compatible with a wide range of global, private, and public comparable company databases so you can search private and public company data to find and identify the comparables, whether you document in-house or outsource. Benchmark comes equipped with industry-standard data sources for more accurate results, and is part of our comprehensive, end-to-end transfer pricing suite of solutions.

What you get with our comparable company searches

Intuitive search tool

Scan multiple company databases at once, tab through company financials, and compare assessments for greater accuracy.

Comprehensive exports

Export, review, and analyze data in Microsoft® Excel and Word for greater control and transparency.

Easy audits

Streamline the audit process with a detailed audit log that keeps track of every step in your comparable company analyses.

If I didn’t have the software, I would have to prepare everything from scratch or find everything in different Excel or Word documents. The software makes it very easy to create studies especially on an ongoing basis.
About BEPS

BEPS legislation is transforming tax planning and compliance for global businesses. Thomson Reuters gives you the information and tools you need to navigate the new regulations.

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