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Intercompany AgreementsGenerate and manage intercompany agreements, gather e-signatures and analyze your transaction coverage worldwide with our intercompany agreement software.

Automate and streamline contracts with our intercompany agreement software

Under the OECD’s BEPS guidance, multinational enterprises are required to produce a list of important intercompany agreements (ICAs) to support transfer pricing documentation and tax positions with global tax authorities.

In order to minimize challenges from global tax authorities, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing Intercompany Agreements software helps you centralize and efficiently manage intercompany agreements so that they can be properly generated, updated and analyzed. Streamline drafting and execution of any transfer pricing agreement through a centralized repository of contract management and e-signature capabilities.

Transfer pricing agreement templates for efficiency and accuracy

Increase efficiency, avoid errors

Import existing intercompany agreements and generate standard templates that can be customized for any global transaction in any jurisdiction. Avoid repetitive data entry and use built-in logic to speed the drafting process. There’s no need to start contracts from scratch, and template provisions will help you eliminate errors.

Get signatures faster

Use e-signature functionality within a contained and traceable environment to securely and quickly ensure timely contract completion.

Improve contract management enterprise-wide

Signed copies of all agreements are stored in a central and searchable repository, making it easy to compile agreements for documentation purposes.

Avoid gaps in coverage

Be alerted to intercompany transactions across your enterprise that might be subject to an intercompany agreement. You can initiate new contracts quickly and have them ready for signature in a few clicks. Alerts identify when contracts are about to expire to avoid any gaps in coverage.

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