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Transfer Pricing

End-to-end comprehensive transfer pricing solutions

In an increasingly global economy, transfer pricing is one of the most significant issues that multinationals must manage to stay compliant and competitive. With large volumes of complex tax regulation to deal with from around the globe, the smallest details can make a big difference in terms of resolving a transfer pricing issue efficiently and quickly. Today’s tax departments need a comprehensive solution to help manage every step of the transfer pricing process and build a knowledge base that scales with your business. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing software is the end-to-end solution to handle your transfer pricing process.

A comprehensive, end-to-end transfer pricing software solution

Transfer Pricing starts with data—managing information from internal and external sources. ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing helps you automate data collection from various global systems, and compile foreign transaction information and supporting documents in a centralized location.

Plus, with access to more than 2.1 million private and public company records, ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing has the comparables you need to establish and defend your transfer price. Our data suite, give you access to high quality public, private, and intangibles data for transfer pricing analysis. Our transfer pricing software helps you evaluate your existing pricing and policies against the latest data as you create, implement and track new policies and manage and communicate policies across your business.

It’s all about consistency and communication. ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing software helps you set a standard that allows you to reduce out-of-period adjustments, review intercompany policy compliance, and make timely adjustments throughout the year. Plan next year’s prices more accurately and make keeping up with comparables an automatic part of your workflow. And the documentation is clear. Our software can help you establish a new level of accuracy and create a detailed audit trail for each step of the transfer pricing accounting process.

See how our transfer pricing solutions and services can help you lower compliance costs, mitigate tax risk, and achieve better results.

Transfer Pricing Documentation


Our award-winning documentation solution can help with arm’s-length analysis of tangible, intangible and service transactions. Search multiple databases simultaneously and export your data for analysis to Microsoft Excel or Word. Increase accuracy and save time by eliminating manual processes. And get up-to-date regulatory information on revenue authorities located around the world, including the IRS’s transfer pricing accounting regulations and the OECD Guidelines.

Comparable Databases

Access millions of relevant private and public company records worldwide, as well as intangible agreements. Automate the data you collect from various global locations in one centralized location. Create policies that can be communicated throughout the business.


Searching and identifying the comparables within your arm’s-length range is made simple. Quickly find the right companies and pricing with our intuitive Comparable Search Statistics tool. See what comparables are most frequently used to verify you are on the right track. It’s easy to implement and use.

Transfer Pricing Services

Bring us on to do some of the work for you. Our professionals have extensive experience helping multinational corporations with transfer pricing issues. Our team also includes economists and accountants with experience at the IRS and Big Four accounting firms. Our ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing services comprise of managed outsourcing, consulting, translations and inter-company loan analysis using comparable interest rates.

Transfer Pricing Monitoring & Implementation

Operational Transfer Pricing

Manage your intercompany transactions confidently, strategically, and accurately. Rather than waiting until year-end to analyze and face unanticipated adjustments, proactively review and adjust prices to remain in compliance with your transfer pricing policy year-round. Our software can help you centralize data sources at levels required for transfer pricing review resulting in greater control and visibility over your transfer pricing process.

Transfer Pricing Workflow

Automate your transfer process with flexible workflows, notifications, due date tracking, electronic signoffs and status tracking. Manage, store, and retrieve key documents to support your transfer pricing policy with ease. Achieve consistent and enforced processes.