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The tax prep choice of more than 600 trust organizations

The top U.S. Financial institutions rely on ONESOURCE Trust Tax from Thomson Reuters for tax preparation services. We offer unsurpassed fiduciary tax expertise to help you mitigate risk, increase accuracy and reduce tax costs. But what clients appreciate most is our customer service.

Trust Tax Abstract

A complete outsourcing compliance solution for your fiduciary tax needs

With a tradition of expertise backed by industry leading technology, we offer a comprehensive tax prep service that you can depend on to save you time and money.

We don’t just prepare tax returns. We partner with you to create a solution that works at every step—from data gathering and management, to planning and analysis, to generating forms and filing or e-filing returns. Our goal is to provide a return on your investment in us, by helping you cut internal costs and stay on budget. A ONESOURCE Trust Tax tax manager works closely with your team, ensuring deliverables are made according to your timelines.

With the Administrator Workstation, your team can get real-time information such as tax letters, tax computations, returns and more. Your data is our priority. It’s stored on our secure in-house servers, tested by the world’s largest corporations, banks and accounting firms.

Features and benefits

ONESOURCE Trust Tax services include:

  • Account setup
  • Initial and ongoing review and correction of tax data
  • Federal and state tax return preparation for: simple and complex trusts, grantor trusts, estates, charitable trusts, foundations and information returns including 1099s and 5498s
  • Electronic filing
  • Tax letters
  • Quarterly tax estimates
  • A tax information manager
  • Optional, customized services
  • Preparing federal and state 1041 tax returns, 1099s, 5498s and 706s and electronic filing when appropriate
  • Professional agency and tax letters and preparing quarterly estimates when required
  • Preparing 5227/1041A returns for charitable accounts and 990 returns for foundations; preparing 1040s upon request

Turn to the experts with more than 40 years of experience managing fiduciary tax data for clients. Turn to ONESOURCE Trust Tax for tax preparation services.

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Case study

Attracting and retaining clients is an ongoing goal for the banking and financial services industry. Providing clients with unique, value-added services is a key element of this pursuit. And it’s exactly what led UMB to switch to ONESOURCE Trust Tax for its fiduciary tax services.

UMB was already outsourcing its fiduciary tax function to a large accounting firm, but it wasn’t realizing the benefits and cost savings that were expected.

“When we made the decision to outsource our trust tax function, we expected to eliminate much of the day-to-day involvement with fiduciary tax work. We just weren’t seeing the focus and attention from the provider we had desired. This is the core business of ONESOURCE Trust Tax, and we are now seeing the results we originally anticipated.” – Clyde Wendel, President, UMB Asset Management

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