Andre Cruz

Andre Cruz

André Silva da Cruz – Received a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Trade from the Methodist University of Sao Paulo (2004). MBA in International Business from the University of Sao Caetano do Sul (2010) and is studying Law at Sao Bernardo do Campo Law School (2017). Specialist in Free Trade Agreements and Customs Compliance. Act as Free Trade Agreement Supervisor at Thomson Reuters

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What to Expect From MERCOSUR/ EU Agreement

Blog, Global Trade, ONESOURCE December 23, 2017

The European Union is currently in negotiations to enter a trade agreement between MERCOSUR and its founding member countries – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, with Venezuela acting as an observer. Among the most relevant aspects that should be taken into consideration in assessing the prognosis for Brazil in the event of a possible signing … Read More

Brazil Must Adopt a New and Urgent Mindset in Regards to its Commercial Approach

Blog, Global Trade, ONESOURCE November 24, 2017

Brazil has historically been identified as a protectionist country, with many elements to demonstrate this assertion. For example, when trading with other countries under Free Trade Agreements, Brazil’s exposure to the world’s consumers is only 8%, according to a study by CNI (National Industry Confederation). If compared to Brazil’s neighbors Chile … Read More

Mercosur / European Union FTA: A Watershed in Brazil’s Participation in International Agreements

Since 1995, when Mercosur signed a framework agreement with the European Union (EU) signaling a commitment to pursue free trade agreements between the two blocs, we have seen several failed negotiations and ultimately a postponed dream to establish one of the largest free trade agreements in the world, outside of what we recently saw with … Read More