Debbie Schleicher

Debbie Schleicher

Debbie Schleicher is a Tax Partner based in Grant Thornton’s McLean, VA office. She is part of the Tax Accounting and Risk Advisory Services Practice and is the National Partner in Charge of Grant Thornton’s Tax Function Optimization Services Practice. Debbie has helped large, public and private dynamic organizations meet their compliance and financial reporting obligations while minimizing tax burdens and properly planning for the future. With more than 26 years of experience working for international accounting firms in a variety of industries, she offers an experienced and practical approach to help her clients with their tax planning, compliance, provision, and transaction-oriented service needs. Debbie regularly works with organizations’ tax functions regarding tax processes and controls; tax software selection and implementations; workflow and data collection tools and automation; data analytics and planning; and tax risk management. She has significant experience with corporate taxation, including a specialization with income tax provisions, corporate tax compliance and planning, tax accounting methods, and corporate transactions. Debbie leads Grant Thornton’s Certified Implementer Program with Thomson Reuters and herself is a certified implementer in certain tax software products. She received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Delaware.

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