Jon Baron

Jon Baron

Jon joined the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters in 1992. Prior to his current position as Managing Director of the Professional segment, Jon held the positions of President of Professional Software & Services, and Vice President of Development, where he was responsible for the design and development of all Professional products and services. Jon has three decades of technology development and management experience, including 17 years with CCH Computax (now the Tax business unit of Wolters Kluwer North America) in various executive technology development and operations positions. Jon holds a BBA in Accounting from Siena College and an MBA from Boston University.

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Blockchain, Accounting and Audit: What Accountants Need to Know

Among the many disruptive technology trends impacting the way we do business, blockchain is one lesser known within the accounting community. However, given its potential impact, blockchain is certainly not a trend that accountants can afford to overlook any longer. Defined as an open, distributed ledger, blockchain technology records and verifies transactions without any trusted … Read More

New Phishing Scheme Reiterates the Need for Stronger Data Security Within Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms, Blog February 21, 2017

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