Marcos Piacitelli

Marcos Piacitelli

Marcos Piacitelli, São Paulo, Brazil ONESOURCE FTA Specialist: I am a Graduate with an MBA in Foreign Trade. I was a Customs broker's assistant for the Brazilian market since 2007 and I still have my Customs Broker ID. I am a consultant specializing in general issues related to Foreign Trade. At Thomson Reuters I have had a career path with the trajectory of a boomerang. I used to work as a Foreign Trade Consultant at Fiscosoft (a Thomson Reuters Company), then I left to live out of country for 2 years, where I had the opportunity to study a MBA extension course in Project Management based on PMBoK at University of Toronto. When I came back to Brazil, I went to work for Ernst & Young (one of the big 4). However I was provided with a great opportunity to come back at Thomson Reuters, so I accepted a position as an ONESOURCE Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Specialist. I bring more than 10 years of import and export consulting in the areas of teaching courses and writing articles.

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Will the Wave of Protectionism Make International Trade Great Again?

Unquestionably, international trade flows have exploded throughout the century.  Countries have been using the global transaction of goods as a main source to obtain foreign exchange. A main objective for countries is to maintain a favorable trade balance. To achieve this objective, most countries take the position to export as much as possible and import … Read More


Mercosur country members[1] and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) bloc formed by four European countries – Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, have successfully completed the exploratory dialogue and preliminary negotiations for a free trade agreement. From the Brazilian government’s point of view, this new FTA clearly promotes a significant update of its … Read More

Trade Between Brazil and Canada – Past, Present and Future (Pt 3)

Mercosur/Canada Free Trade Agreement Mercosur and Canada held exploratory meetings in the past to assess the feasibility of opening formal FTA negotiations, after which resulted public consultations to better understand the Brazilian private sector needs. However, resistance (mainly from Argentina) prevented further serious consideration. On 16 June 1988, Canada attempted to begin negotiations with Mercosur … Read More

Trade Between Brazil and Canada – Past, Present and Future (Pt 2)

Trade Relations Between Brazil and Canada Brazil and Canada are extremely important to each other from a bilateral, regional and multilateral view. Diplomatically, both countries share values, mutual and democratic interests, as well as many similarities, such as support for inclusive growth to promote human rights and democracy, innovation in science and technology, and especially … Read More

Trade Between Brazil and Canada—Past, Present and Future (Pt 1)

Introduction Brazil and Canada have developed and improved their economic relationship throughout the years, particularly in the last couple of years as they’ve strengthened ties and increased the flow of goods and services. The resulting relationship is a strong and dynamic partnership.  Moreover, the numbers confirm their strong ties: in the last decade, trade between … Read More

Brazil and Argentina – COD – Digital Certificate of Origin

Ministers from Brazil and Argentina signed a document in order to guide the technical areas of both countries to continue with the Digital Certificate of Origin Pilot Project (COD), aiming to extend and deepen the bilateral trade as well as to promote integration between Brazil and Argentina. In addition, the deal with the Digital Certificate … Read More