Troy Spence

Troy Spence

My name is Troy Spence and I am a Senior GIS Analyst for Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax. I graduated from the University of Oregon with a bachelor's degree, and had been working on the research side of transaction taxes for four years here before switching to GIS for the last 3 three years. I monitor new and changing geography across the United States as it relates to transaction tax, and maintain a geodatabase to reflect those boundaries where taxes are applied. Here I will share information as it pertains to interesting and important changes in the geographic tax landscape.

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Cleveland Merger: Is This Thing Happening or What?

The clock is ticking for one of Ohio’s poorest cities, East Cleveland, to come up with a proposal that would meet acceptable terms for a merger with nearby Cleveland. East Cleveland has been hemorrhaging funds for years due to a dramatic decline in population combined with lower average household income to support tax revenues for local services, ranging from trash collection … Read More

Coeur d’Alene De-annexation Would Benefit Police Department

In Coeur d’Alene, happenings at the county jail are handled a little differently than one might expect. Despite the Kootenai County jail and the county sheriff’s office being physically connected, as well as being operated by sheriff’s employees, it is the Coeur d’Alene Police Department that is responsible for responding to incidents within the jail – not the sheriff’s department. … Read More

Sunset Beach De-annexations Face Hurdles

The proposed Sunset Beach de-annexation bill sponsored by North Carolina Senator Rabon has been anything but a smooth, agreeable process so far.  Local community leaders, including town Mayor Watts, have already passed their own resolution opposing Senate Bill 875 which aims to de-annex three different sections of land within the town.  Each of these three properties have an extensive … Read More