Takako Watanabe

Takako Watanabe

I am a Japanese Global Trade Management (GTM) Trade Specialist at Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting based in Tokyo. Like others around the world, I was hired to ensure that our product reflects local regulations and matches the needs of Japan-based companies. I’m also the primary person responsible for Japanese content sourcing to ensure that our clients have the latest rules and regulations for ongoing customs compliance. My past experience includes acting as a customs broker, freight forwarder, and a registered customs specialist with duties that included customs clearance of export and import, OGA application, export control, customs duty valuation, shipment coordination, arrangements and booking. I have supported customers across many industries in the areas of customs clearance, forwarding, export/import operations and facilitating the daily challenges encountered during operations in the supply chain. I am excited to help our clients improve their import and export operations to ensure efficiency and compliance.

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Impact Of The TPP On Agriculture

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