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A shared, single-code line platform helps customers stay current on technology

Aumentum, Blog, Governments August 4, 2017

By Scot Crismon
Vice President of Technology

With the rapid evolution of technology, it can be a challenge to create a platform that is truly extensible and customizable — not one that uses a series of one-off features designed for individual customers that will never be used anywhere else. To help customers stay up-to-speed on current technology, we must discipline ourselves to design products that are flexible and scalable so implementers can easily configure them for use in multiple installations.

There are two important things to remember about the new Aumentum single-code line platform: First, we are implementing it for two of our major customers. Secondly, we will always use it for future implementations. By doing so, our customer support team can unite around one version, rather than be fragmented trying to support multiple versions.

We haven’t yet started on the more difficult journey of migrating existing customers to the new platform. While customers may have some concerns about giving up their proprietary or legacy systems, they stand to gain significantly from using our shared platform. For example, the single-code line platform enables customers to modernize their infrastructure. Aumentum is built with the ability to easily upgrade the underlying infrastructure. The system isn’t locked into any specific infrastructure stack, so IT departments will be able to upgrade and scale out the underlying infrastructure when the system needs to grow and better infrastructure becomes available.

Longevity will be another benefit. With a platform built on modern technologies — web-based, SQL Server, etc. — it will enjoy a longer shelf life than existing systems. And because our platform will be supporting many customers, everyone will receive the benefits of software upgrades and updates, as well as bug fixes.

With our single-code line platform, we will also employ a newer technology strategy: the development of service application programming interfaces (APIs) to facilitate better integration with other systems. This strategy will even allow customers and third parties to develop customized “extensions” on top of the APIs. With this capability, we can build diverse interfaces on the same extensions. For example, a mobile app used by a field rep, a web page accessed by a customer, and an Aumentum screen accessed by a county clerk could all be calling the same API.

Advantages that benefit everyone

While our shared platform offers many advantages, the big three are clear: system stability, community and power. Everyone using the system will benefit from defect updates that increase the overall stability of the system. In contrast, customers who don’t choose to upgrade to the single-code line platform will isolate themselves from our ability to maintain and support them.

As we gain wider usage and acceptance of the new Aumentum platform, customers will become part of a robust community that will help us improve the product and simplify their processes. Everyone benefits from the collective intelligence.

I have no doubt that Aumentum is becoming the most powerful system in the market today. Staying up-to-date is the best strategy because it gives our customers and their people the best opportunity to simplify their jobs and get things done. We have an opportunity to do something that no other competitor has done: create a configurable platform that works for enterprise and mid-sized county entities. That’s truly exciting.