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Lunch with John McLaughlin

Aumentum May 4, 2012

By Bill McKinzie

Senior Vice President and Managing Director
Tax & Accounting, Government

This past Sunday I had the honor of attending a special brunch hosted by John McLaughlin, host of the McLaughlin Group, and Stephen Adler, editor-in-chief of Reuters News in Washington D.C. The brunch was held on the rooftop of the Hay Adams hotel overlooking the National Mall, the White House and all of the great downtown D.C. scenery. I attended with Peter Rabley and Christopher Barlow from our Government team as well – that’s us in the picture to the right. We are with Mr. John McDonough and his wife, Mary. John is the Maryland Secretary of State whom we have worked with on various occasions including trade missions to the Far East and our state-wide CAMA project in Maryland.

While at the event, we were able to meet and speak with some influential people within the business and media community. This brunch is an annual event held the morning after the White House Correspondents’ dinner on Saturday night. So as you can imagine, there were lots of VIPs – and photographers. If you’re interested, here are a few sites with some great pictures of the event:

As I continue to travel to various places and meet a wide-range of people, I am always struck at how intrigued people are with the work that we are doing around the world. Whether it’s managing property tax systems for jurisdictions across the United States, or mapping and recording land rights in rural China, or advising on property law reform in Tajikistan, people I talk to are interested in the things we are doing and understand its importance. And with the strength of Thomson Reuters behind us, we have a bright future to look forward to (and perhaps some similar brunches to attend)!