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Making the Difference

Aumentum, Blog September 22, 2014

We just concluded the opening session of the 2014 Aumentum User Conference. Our theme this year is ‘Making the Difference’.

Brian Peccarelli, President of the Tax & Accounting business, kicked off the session. He related how this conference and this week — our annual gathering of users, is an opportunity to learn from and share with peers, but importantly it is an important time for us to pause so as to recognize the difference our customers are making in their communities.

The difference may be through helping citizens deal with financial difficulties. It could be difference made by reducing citizen appeals — or by making the valuation process more fair and equitable.

We then paused to call out the difference of one long-standing innovative customer, Dianne Wilson, County Clerk from Ft. Bend, Texas. Dianne first took office in 1983, and has served her county for the past 31 years. She is retiring this year.

The Difference is Customer Excellence

For Thomson Reuters Aumentum customer excellence means not only meeting customer expectations, but exceeding them.

Dianne Wilson has been a steward of county records for her community, and a leader in modernizing her office’s operations, a champion of best practices. In 1994 Ft. Bend County went live with a digital system, the precursor to Aumentum Recorder.

She has been a trailblazer in the use of technology, embodying the spirit of partnership between a government customer and also from the perspective of a technology solution provider. She has been a mentor to many of the Clerks in Texas as well as nationally, and has been named the County Clerk of the Year in Texas.

We are very fortunate to have Dianne as a customer, as she reflects the best values from a public official, namely a commitment to personal leadership and to improving operations and processes for the common good.

We also expressed how our people are striving to make a difference for our customers. Members of our Leadership Team described our Customer Excellence initiative. Brian Cunningham, V.P. of Product Development shared news on product releases and also quality assurance practices. Sam Wilkins, V.P. of Professional Services explained how we have on-boarded 45 new people in just the last year to support implementations and how their contribution is improving project delivery. Diana Flanders, V.P. of Customers Operations discussed the use of new tools and training modules designed to better support our customers, but also importantly to enhance the customer experience.

This is my first Aumentum User Conference as the incoming Managing Director. I was impressed with the energy in the room from our customers and also our staff. The Conference Banquet on Wednesday September 24th will include an awards ceremony for our 2014 Public Sector Champions, an opportunity to celebrate the Difference that our outstanding customers are making. After all, such opportunities as the Aumentum User Conference and the awards ceremony give us an opportunity to take notice of the collective progress we are all making. As my colleague and friend Tom Walsh says, “Aumentum is one part Thomson Reuters, and many parts the sum of our customers work.”

In the meanwhile, you can watch this video shown during the opening session to hear directly from our customers — your peers — and our people, on their perspective cutomer excellence and how it is making a difference.