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Enabling Our Customers for Excellence: Reflections from ACE Award Winner Dave Bader

Aumentum, Blog, News November 14, 2014

Dave Bader has always been a man who loves his technology. For the past 10 years, he has served as a senior technical consultant, and prior to that, he spent 7 years as a conversion engineer. Without a doubt he has channeled his 15-year experience with county governments and their software into his current profession. The result is a strong blend of experience that equips him to be successful: He is the 2014 Government Achieving Customer Excellence (ACE) Award winner, having demonstrated dedication to delivering nothing but the best experience to his customers.

“What motivates me are two things: 1, I live in a county, so what it does is important to me. Two, I know it’s important for them too,” Bader explained. “I have empathy and experience for what the county deals with,” an acquisition from his vast experience in that sector.

He recruited his background most recently in the Aumentum implementation in Clark County, Nevada. Dave’s role in this endeavor was to develop calculation models for the agency and use the ensuing analysis to funnel into a targeted solution to comfortably fit them. In addition, he faced a unique situation requiring him to devise a strategy for managing and building property sets on a weekly basis—”not a large volume, but a high frequency.”

Notably, he helped guide this implementation while working on the simultaneous Polk and Linn County implementations. During this project he led a Thomson Reuters team as well as Clark County government, deftly navigating through complicated legislative rules and helping integrate two disparate systems with two different calendar architectures.

Stunning results

With customCAMA and Aumentum, Clark County has made great strides, including:

  • The ability to value more property with less staff—an important win considering the real estate crash (before which it employed 185 people; now it has 135).
  • The valuation of 730,000 parcels
  • The completion of 70,000 personal property accounts on time with fewer resources
  • Greater detail and accuracy in construction tracking

3 Cs for success: Customer-focused, communicator, and creative problem-solver

Bader says that what his favorite part of the job is creative problem-solving to meet the customers’ needs. “It’s a puzzle and a challenge to implement it and make it work with the challenges,” while taking into account different aspects of property and the nature of assessment. Throughout this process, he stresses the value of communication as key: “Involve the right people at the right time, and keep the customer informed about what we’re doing.”

“From my perspective, we have one of the best products that I’ve seen—and certainly the best people,” he said emphatically. “The whole purpose is to get the customer to do the best job they possibly can. We work hard for the customers because at the end of the day, that’s why we’re here.”