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Thomson Reuters Recognizes Customer Successes through Achievement Awards

Aumentum October 9, 2013

The Government business for Thomson Reuters, Tax & Accounting recognized several customers for their achievements during 2013. These awards were presented at the closing banquet during the recent Thomson Reuters Aumentum User Groups Conference on September 25, 2013 in San Diego, CA.

Please meet this year’s winners:

Outstanding Jurisdiction: Knox County, TN

The Outstanding User Jurisdiction is presented to the jurisdiction that has made exceptional progress during the year in the use of their software to improve its operating efficiency, quality of work and delivery of customer service.

Knox County, Tennessee successfully implemented Aumentum and has been highly involved in every process from conversion and implementation to the practical day-to-day application of the software.  The county has worked tirelessly with their staff as well as the Thomson Reuters staff to make sure that the system runs smoothly.  Their valuable feedback makes them a noteworthy partner and deserving of this award.

Outstanding CAMA User: Cheryl Windsor – Santa Cruz County, CA Assessor’s Office

Cheryl Windsor from Santa Cruz County, California has made personal contributions toward the successful use of Thomson Reuters software in the Assessor’s office. Ms. Windsor has been using customCAMA and Aumentum applications for about one year, and has been highly involved in each step, from conversion and implementation through customization and practical application of Aumentum software. Ms. Windsor is dedicated and provides great follow-through on details – spending countless hours verifying data and processes. And throughout it all, she remains positive and is always a pleasure to work with.

Outstanding Tax User: Jodi Gjersvik  Treasurer Supervisor, Polk County, IA

Jodi Gjersvik from Polk County, Iowa has made an exceptional contribution over the past several years to the success of the first-in-state implementation for Aumentum Tax.  She was chosen for her leadership skills and her ability to continue to drive the county processes through the Aumentum implementation and development of this project.

Ms. Gjersvik was an invaluable  during the course of this project.  She is extremely knowledgeable and could assist with a variety of project issues, including knowing  which GAP items would have the greatest positive impact to her staff.  She ensured those items received the highest priority during development.   Ms. Gjersvik is a wonderful customer to work with; she is a great testament to Thomson Reuters partnership with Polk County and their entire project team.

Outstanding Recorder of the Year: Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder

In 2013, Jefferson County, Colorado completed several challenging and important projects as Outstanding Recorder Customer .   In partnership with the Austin based Records Management team, they became the first Colorado customer to upgrade to Aumentum Recorder, successfully installing the software in their main office and at 4 remote branch offices.   This project also included an upgrade of their Public Access application to include online marriage data entry and retrieval capabilities to better serve the public.    In addition,  the Recorder’s Division moved in July of 2013 into a new office to provide for a better space for both the public and office staff.   This was a challenging move; however, with Jefferson County’s experienced management team, dedicated staff, and the flexibility of Aumentum Recorder, they were able to successfully complete the office move without interruption in public services.

Outstanding Personal Property User: Cheryl O’Kelley, Gwinnett, CA

Cheryl O’Kelley from Gwinnett County, GA  accepts the Outstanding Personal Property User Award. Also pictured: Steve Pruitt, Gwinnett County Tax Assessor and Mat Greener, Support Director for Thomson Reuters Aumentum.

Cheryl O’Kelley from Gwinnett County, GA accepts the Outstanding Personal Property User Award. Also pictured: Steve Pruitt, Gwinnett County Tax Assessor and Mat Greener, Support Director for Thomson Reuters Aumentum.

Cheryl O’Kelley from Gwinnett County, GA has made an exceptional contribution during the year to the success of an Aumentum Personal Property upgrade implementation.  This implementation sets the ground work for future upgrades and is a significant accomplishment to advance future personal property upgrades in Gwinnett.

This project only had an 11 month time frame to complete gap analysis, data mapping, training, business process planning, conversion and go-live.  Ms. O’Kelley and the county knew that there would be many challenges along the way, but keeping critical tasks in the forefront and collaborating with innovative solutions for lower priority items kept the project on target in the project time frame.

Ms. O’Kelley is patient, pleasant and an excellent communicator who was critical during the implementation and training process.  It has a joy to work with her and the entire personal property project team in Gwinnett County.

Outstanding IT Department: Idaho State Tax Commission

Idaho Tax Commission, this year’s Outstanding IT Department, is a group that has made strong technical efforts and operational effectiveness in delivering ProVal and Aumentum solutions.   During 2013, they upgraded the Aumentum solution for Idaho from 8.04 to 8.06 and configured Aumentum, coded calculation routines, upgraded reports, tested and delivered Aumentum for the Idaho 8.06 pilot county, Payette County, on time with no significant operational issues.

Outstanding Project Manager: Julie Rich, Arapahoe County representing PTOC

Julie Rich of Arapahoe County, Colorado is someone who is innovative, supportive, and has made exceptional contributions during the year to the success and implementation of the Aumentum Tax products.  Ms. Rich has managed multiple counties during a move to Aumentum Tax, and her management and leadership skills in running large information system projects have been vital every time to the success of that installation.   In addition, she has been instrumental in communicating issues and successes to the project sponsors, elected officials, and Thomson Reuters management team.  These assets are key to a successful large project implementation across several counties, and Ms. Rich embodies all the successful characteristics of an outstanding project manager.

Congratulations to the 2013 Award winners!