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Thomson Reuters Unveils New Flagship Brand – Thomson Reuters Aumentum

Aumentum, Blog August 26, 2013

I am honored to share some very exciting news with you.

Today, GRM has a new name. Today, we unveil Thomson Reuters Aumentum.

Thomson Reuters Aumentum becomes the 15th flagship brand in the Thomson Reuters portfolio and the third for Tax & Accounting. This is a great step forward for our Government business and our clients. Thomson Reuters flagship brands are those that are considered to be the most strong and strategic for the company and it is an exclusive group. The decision for the Government business to carry a flagship brand is significant. This act is both a sign of the continued commitment of Thomson Reuters to our business and also and the investment in our customers.

You may ask, why not GRM? Well, we needed a brand name that was better suited to represent our desire to be long term partners with governments around the world. The brand name should suggest important attributes of our customers’ experience. And as we continue to expand into new geographies, a brand name that is not an English acronym, but rather a unique, Thomson Reuters-specific name, will better position us as a true global partner.

So we went about the process of developing a new name. And we did this with our customers in mind.

Aumentum, deriving from the Italian, Spanish and Portuguese word “aumento” meaning “advance, increase, grow” represents our mission to continually provide quality software and services to meet the evolving needs of our government clients. In addition, it represents our passion to assist our customers as they work to continually increase and expand the services they provide to their constituents, ultimately helping them to further develop their communities. Combining “aumento” with “momentum” – the brand speaks to the increased efficiency that we are able to provide through our advanced technology and industry experts while ultimately simplifying complexity for our customers.

And we believe our customers want to excel at what they do – and to make significant impacts on their communities. And Aumentum enables them to do that – today and into the future.

Thomson Reuters Aumentum
Enabling excellence through expertise, technology and people.

So as of today, August 26th, GRM becomes Thomson Reuters Aumentum. Simply it’s a brand name change. But more than that, it represents a change in the way we approach our customers, the way we approach our business and ultimately, celebrates your service as public servants and the commitment you have to your communities.

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