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Tips for Leading Your Team Through Change

Aumentum, Blog February 2, 2015

Change Management takes on many different forms. But at its core, the definition is: “A systematic approach to helping people and organizations transition to a new, desirable state in order to meet the overall business strategy.” It’s really important to focus on your people throughout the process. They are the heart at making changes a success.

Staff has a plethora of unique backgrounds, experiences, family situations, personalities, ages, etc. This influences how they react in your office to day to day or to change.

Some keys to managing change in your office:

  1. Communicate – Ensure your staff understands your strategy, the “why”. Success will depend on this understanding. What’s the connection to that – can they relate to the reasons and have a stake in the outcome?
  2. Set Milestones – This starts with a good scope of work. What are you trying to achieve and how will you get there? Then when new requirements come up you can determine where that fits in – does it fit within scope or out of scope?
  3. Track Achievements – understand what success looks like – at the end and along the way. Set up how you measure that throughout the process. And then celebrate when you do achieve these goals! This will go a long way to keeping morale high during a challenging project.
  4. Recognize that change does not happen overnight – It’s like learning to ride a bike. I have a seven year old daughter who won’t take off the training wheels! It may take time to adjust to the change. Some may not embrace the change – find out why and encourage them through it. Some find a new role or change in the office reinvigorate someone on your team!

And don’t forget to have fun throughout. Back away from the project and rejuvenate.

If you’re interested in learning more ways to help steer your team through change, download my recent eBook.  Or, you can listen to a recording of a recent webinar I presented on the topic of Change Management.