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We’re All-in at SYNERGY

Aumentum, Events, Governments September 20, 2016

We just kicked off the 2016 SYNERGY Government Users Conference. This year we’re in Las Vegas, Nevada with more than 300 tax professionals, customers and partners gathered at Caesars Palace.

The main message from the opening session – and one that I hope resonates with all Thomson Reuters government customers globally –  is that we are all in when it comes to supporting government customers. For this community of customers gathered this week, I reiterated our support for them and their teams. Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting has literally doubled-down in our investment to develop and deploy the most modern, fully-integrated land and property tax administration systems.

We’re betting big on a move to an agile development model in an effort to improve our capacity to develop better software in a shorter release cycle in closer collaboration with customers and our professional services, developers and testing teams.

Of course we realize that the stakes are high, so this is why we’re hiring more people to support our customers. Especially important is that we continue our software development on the Aumentum single-code line platform. We’re focused on delivering software at a faster pace. And we’re steadfast in our commitment to eliminate multiple, redundant lines of code. This is critically important in keep our customers current on an evergreen software platform and to best support all of our customers.

I also bridged this connection between the work we do for our local government customers in the U.S. and our work in developing markets. We’re working with many countries to help them strengthen their land administration foundation: implementing new technologies to map, digitize and register land rights. By bridging the experience, expertise and connections of all our customers, we are then able to refine our tools and solutions. In the end, it is the collective wisdom of our customers that has a profound global impact, literally improving how government works.

As the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” While that may be true for some, I sincerely believe that our customers can leave this week’s event with new insights, connections and resolve to do their jobs well. Our ace in the hole is that we have strong partnerships with our diverse government customers and can match their experience and expertise with Thomson Reuters technology and industry insights. This is why I believe the odds are in our collective favor to meet the needs of our communities.