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World Bank Land and Poverty Conference Innovations Fair

Aumentum, Blog March 27, 2015

Suzanne Hopkins, Senior Product Manager

As a product manager, my ‘standby’ mantra for attendance at conferences is to ‘talk less and listen more’. As a newcomer to the World Bank Conference, I came to the event armed with an abundance of enthusiasm and optimism. After all, this is where product managers should be … immersed in the market, understanding customer pain-points and needs and validating the product direction with thought leaders and other industry experts. I’m happy to report that my enthusiasm was well placed and continued to grow with each session I attended.

Suzanne Hopkins speaks with an attendee at the World Bank Land & Poverty Conference Innovation Fair.

Suzanne Hopkins speaks with an attendee at the World Bank Land & Poverty Conference Innovation Fair.

At the Innovation Fair on Thursday, I was struck by the diversity of organizations represented in the room. This observation led me to ask the question ‘What does innovation look like?’. Certainly innovation can take many forms but it’s the innovation that leads to measurable and sustainable benefits that ultimately has the most impact.  During the course of the day, I shared our vision of a new product based on a new model in land information systems.  Participants validated what we knew already – the market is ready for a new, innovative approach to delivering a land information system. There was excitement around the benefits we shared, including:

A system designed based on modern, usability best practices where users move through the application with ease decreasing the need for lengthy and costly training sessions

  • The creation of a user community where product advocates are born through contribution to future enhancements and participation in BETA testing
  • The systematic and scalable deployment of market-relevant features through dependable and frequent release schedules
  • The creation of a core product derived from industry best practices garnered from decades of experience building custom solutions
  • The security of a system that employs Thomson Reuters standards for data security including disaster recovery and data redundancy
  • A web-services ready application where integral workflow data is exchanged seamlessly between Aumentum products and between dispersed government bodies

We are at the beginning of our journey with our next generation product and with the positive feedback received from the conference attendees and those who visited the Innovation Fair, I’m more optimistic than ever that we have mapped a journey that resonates in the market today, tomorrow and for years to come.

As the end of the conference, my mantra served me well. I did listen more and I’m happy to say that I loved what I heard.