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Still Using Windows® Server® 2003? Microsoft® is Ending Support – Time to Upgrade!

CS Professional Suite, Technology April 28, 2015

Although it’s not making a news splash as large as the ending of Windows XP, you may know that on July 14, 2015, Microsoft is ending its extended support of Windows Server 2003. You can learn more about the Windows Lifecycle in this Microsoft fact sheet. While many of you have already upgraded your servers or elected to let us manage your infrastructure in the cloud, we know from recent professional surveys that many firms are still using Windows Server 2003.

From a practical standpoint, what does the end of Windows Server 2003 extended support mean?

This is much more than the end of enhancements or added functionality. Microsoft stopped developing enhancements and providing mainstream support for Windows 2003 in 2010. The discontinuation of extended support means that there will be no more updates at all, for any reason.

With this change, similar to when Windows XP Extended Support expired, security is a primary concern. For example, if a security flaw is identified, Microsoft will not release an update – nor will they be responsible for repairing the defect. Additionally, performance can decline as software vendors take advantage of technology in newer, supported environments to enhance performance.

What about your CS Professional Suite® software?

Thomson Reuters will end formal support of all CS Professional Suite Software on the Windows Server 2003 Operating System as of July 14, 2015. View our system requirements page for more information.

Please remember that we’re here to help you with your tax and accounting software questions during your move to a new server environment. Our Help & How-To Center has an informative article about migrating CS Professional Suite applications from one server to another. This is also a great time to consider letting Thomson Reuters manage your server concerns by moving into the cloud with Virtual Office CS® or Software as a Service.