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Give Your CS Professional Suite Accounting (CSA) Software a Pre-Tax Season Tune-Up

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions November 11, 2013

To keep your CSA software up to date and running optimally, it’s a good idea to perform some tasks on a regular basis, at least once a year. These include: 

Compact your client data in CSA
Compacting “cleans” the client database by permanently removing records that have been marked for deletion and fixing invalid records. Larger client databases should be compacted more frequently. To compact client data, choose Help > Repair, click the Clients tab, highlight the client name in the left pane, then choose Compact Client. You can run this procedure as often as you’d like. 

Compact the global database
Compacting the global database permanently removes records that have been marked for deletion and repairs any invalid records. To compact the global database, choose Help > Repair, then select Compact Global Database. Before starting this procedure, it’s important to make sure that all other users are logged out of the program. 

Back up client databases
To back up the database for one or more clients, select Clients from the drop-down list in the first field, highlight the clients to back up, and click the Select button to move them to the right-hand pane. Specify the desired backup location, then click the Backup button. 

Back up global data
To back up the global data (including global financial statements, check layouts, global transmittal letters, CSA system data, and custom field views), select System Data from the first field in the dialog, click theSelect Allbutton, verify the backup location, and click the Backup button.