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Recent Enhancements Now Available for Accounting CS and Accounting CS Payroll

CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions, CS Professional Suite Payroll Solutions August 27, 2015

The Accounting CS and Accounting CS Payroll applications were automatically updated for Virtual Office CS and SaaS for CS Professional Suite users. If you use a locally installed version of Accounting CS, you need to download and apply these updates via CS Connect and then verify that the application version is 2015.2.0 or higher (from within Accounting CS, choose Help > About). Following is only a partial list of the many enhancements included in the release. See the June 25 User Bulletin for full details on the new features included in this release.

  • Performance and speed—We have significantly improved overall navigation speed, performance in several screens and the speed at which the application displays and prints reports (i.e. General Ledger reports). In addition, the application now displays a progress bar when reports are previewed or printed.
  • Analyze Account Activity—This innovative new feature will assist with the review process in Accounting CS. This quick report displays the client’s current general ledger or trial balance as of the current period, and it allows you to drill down to transaction details. With this feature, you can easily review account balances for accuracy and you can quickly address client mistakes or data entry mishaps. This view even opens in a separate screen, enabling you to continue working in the main application and see real-time changes. See more about this option.
  • New ability to promote and demonstrate Accounting CS Client Access to your client—To enhance communications with your existing and prospective business clients, we added the ability to set up a NetClient CS demonstration portal, which enables you to evaluate and showcase Accounting CS Client Access. For more information, see Adding a NetClient CS demonstration portal. You can also view the steps that must be done in Accounting CS for the client to be able to be selected as a demo in NetClient.

In addition, you can demonstrate to your clients the power and benefits of Accounting CS Client Access through our videos and marketing materials. For more information, see Client Access Marketing Tools (log-in required).

  • New Write-Up Process Flowchart—This new interactive workflow is available to help you learn and navigate the write-up process in Accounting CS. Click the images in the flowchart to display the relevant help procedure that explains the steps to take within the application: from receiving client documentation, to preparing the data for the tax return, to closing the accounts in Accounting CS.
  • Accounting CS Payroll WalkThrough Guide available—This guide is now available in the Help & How-To Center and is accessible from the Accounting CS Payroll WalkThrough (PDF) topic. This guide will help you and new staff members gain a basic understanding of the design and functionality of Accounting CS Payroll.
  • After-The-Fact (ATF) Payroll—To make ATF data entry and processing more efficient, we have implemented the following features in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen:
    • We’ve updated the Employee field so that it remains enabled when unprinted/handwritten payroll checks are added or modified. This allows you to edit and make changes without leaving the screen.
    • We’ve added the ability to hide various columns in this screen and/or skip various columns during payroll check entry.
    • Finally, we have added the ability to override the Amount field on payroll checks for Hourly rate or Salary–Hours sensitive calculation types.

We continue to prioritize future development efforts based on your valued feedback from the Accounting CS Ideas Community. We encourage you to participate, vote on the ideas that would help you and share your own ideas!