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Import Form 706 Asset Info into UltraTax CS with the Microsoft Excel Import Utility

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions January 20, 2014

With the Excel Import utility, you can easily import asset info from a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet into a 706 return. 

The following asset info can be exported to the Asset screen. Multiple assets can be imported at once (each is imported as a new unit).

  • State
  • Description
  • Schedule
  • CUSIP number or EIN
  • Included in gross estate outside the US indicator
  • Co-tenant: Name
  • Co-tenant: Percentage
  • Beneficiary / ratio
  • Marital share
  • QTIP property
  • Unit value
  • Alternate valuation date
  • Alternate value
  • Value at date of death
  • Community property 

The basic procedure below outlines how to use the Excel Import utility to import asset info. Each step contains links to articles on our Help & How-To Center for more detail on this process. 

  1. Create the Excel Spreadsheet. To import asset info from Excel, you must create the Excel spreadsheet using the u3usAsset.xls template in UltraTax/706.
  2. Save the Excel Spreadsheet. After you enter all necessary data into the Excel spreadsheet, you must save the spreadsheet as an Excel CSV (comma delimited) file.
  3. Import Officer and Contributor Info. After you create and save the Excel spreadsheet, you can import asset information from the spreadsheet into UltraTax/706. 

Note: To edit or modify the info in the Excel spreadsheet, follow the required guidelines

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