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Save Time with New Print Features in 2013 UltraTax CS

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions November 27, 2013

Many of you have shared suggestions for improving the program within our Ideas Community, a forum for UltraTax CS customers to provide product feedback and suggestions to our development team and to view and comment on ideas from other customers. We’ve listened to your ideas and have implemented many of them in the 2013 version of UltraTax CS. For more info on the UltraTax CS Ideas Community, including how to contribute your own ideas, refer to Join the Ideas Community & See the Suggestions We’ve Implemented in UltraTax CS.

The following printing features were added as a result of your suggestions:

  • Ability to Change Printer from Print Preview – While viewing a print preview, you can switch the printer selection (as seen below) before printing instead of having to return to the Print Returns menu to do so.
    UltraTax CS printer selection 
  • PDF Copies of Returns –  2013 UltraTax CS provides you the option to print separate PDF files for each of the following return types: Federal, State, and K-1 packages. This option is located under Setup > Office Configuration > Print Options as Print separate PDF files for each federal and state return.
  • Slipsheets –  We now produce slipsheets appropriate for Bulk Mail being sent through the U.S. Post Office. This option is located under Setup > Office Configuration > Print Options > Mailing Slipsheets.
  • Pagination of Client Documents –  Tired of your letters printing an additional page with only one or two lines on it? The pagination of client documents no longer strand one or two lines on a single page. If an additional page is necessary, UltraTax CS will place a page break in an area that makes reading the document easier for your client.
  • Reports –  2013 UltraTax CS lets you export any Client Listing Report to Microsoft® Excel®. Previously you could only export the report as a DIF file. Client Listing Reports are found under Utilities>Client Listing Reports. Reports can be produced for the following info: General Client Information, General Return Information, Client Contact, Status Summary, User Activity, and more. 

More Info?

For more info, refer to User Bulletin UT-13.1.0, dated November 25, 2013. User Bulletins are accessible in UltraTax CS under Help > Bulletins.