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Tax Season Reminders

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions February 1, 2016

Extended Support Hours for Tax Season 2015

Don’t forget that help is just a phone call away! Visit the Support Hours page on our website for the latest updates and detailed phone queue information.

Chat Live with Product Support and Customer Service to Receive Quick Answers!

Our Customer Service, Product Support and e-filing assistance departments are standing by to answer your questions—and not just on the phone. To better assist you, we’ve also implemented an online chat feature on our website.

To access online chat, log in to your CS Web Account. If you don’t have one, click the Create a Free Web Account link, and follow the instructions from there.

Once you’ve logged in, click the Let’s Chat button on the My Account page. You’ll be prompted to enter your name, email address and firm ID. Then, select the desired product or department from the drop-down list. Depending on the nature of your question, you can contact Customer Service, Product Support or E-Filing Assistance.

Contact us weekdays (except holidays) from 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Use Our Help & How-To Center to Find Solutions

Want to find an answer quickly from within the application? Our Help & How-To Center provides extensive information about the use of our products. To access the Help & How-To Center from within UltraTax CS®, use any of the following methods.

  • Press F1 to view help that’s relevant to the current screen or dialog.
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to the Help UltraTax CS Help button button on the toolbar and use the search field UltraTax CS Help & How-To Center Search field to search for relevant topics.
  • Choose Help > Help & How-To, or click the Help UltraTax CS Help button button to open the Browse subjects for UltraTax CS topic, which you can use to browse help categories for a specificentity.
  • In the Help & How-To Center, use the toolbar to find the information you need.
    Help & How-To Center toolbar
  • Click the Browse Subjects button to access a list of categories, then click a category to view a list of related topics.
  • Click the Index button to view an alphabetical list of keywords. Click a keyword to view the associated topic.
  • Enter a search term or phrase in the Search field and press ENTER to see a list of related topics. To view sample searches, click the Finding answers in the Help & How-To Center link in the box on the right side of the screen.

Note: Most topics in the Help & How-To Center include a box on the right that provides quick access to alerts and other timely information.