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Get the Right Start with Welcome Services

CS Professional Suite December 26, 2013

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Most of us would probably agree it’s harder to assemble a child’s bike when all you have are instructions for, say, a swingset.

That concept pretty much holds for everything in life – having the right tools as a foundation for any undertaking increases your chance of success.

That’s why we created the Welcome Services program, to guide you through the process of changing the software that powers your business and make your transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Whether you’re new to the CS Professional Suite, or you’re a current customer who wants to ensure a smooth launch for a product you’ve just purchased, the Welcome Services program will give you the right start.

The program starts with our free, web-based Welcome Services Tutorial, which takes you through the basics of the website. You’ll focus on the key site features and available productivity, time management, and implementation resources that will help you get the most out of your software. Among the topics covered in the tutorial:

  • Setting up your firm’s web account
  • Accessing account information, product downloads, and installation instructions
  • Finding answers to your questions
  • Using our state-of-the-art Help & How To Center
  • Communicating with other Thomson Reuters software users
  • Using live chat

Once you’ve completed the Welcome Services Tutorial, you can move on to the Product Transition Tutorial for your product (if available). Our current lineup of products with transition programs includes Accounting CS, Practice CS, UltraTax CS, and Web Services (Virtual Office CS and Software as a Service).

For software programs that don’t currently have an associated Product Transition Tutorial, find more information in your product’s New User Resources document in the Help & How-To Center. Visit, search on “New User Resources,” and select the link for your product.

Why Welcome Services?

You might be thinking, “So, can’t I just figure out the website by myself?” Of course you can. But to take full advantage of one of the most powerful tools you’ll ever use in conjunction with your CS Professional Suite software – – the Welcome Services program is the way to go. Participants who take the Welcome Services Tutorial and follow that up with the Product Transition Tutorials generally find they need to make fewer support calls during their busy times, which allows them to get their work done and concentrate on the most important part of their business: serving their customers.

For more information on our Welcome Services program, visit You can also call Customer Service at 800.968.0600 (press 1).