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Embrace the Chaos and Move Forward Together

Jon Baron  

· 5 minute read

Jon Baron  

· 5 minute read

Change isn’t easy, but it’s the way of the world.

Here is why that’s a good thing: In addition to profession disrupters and shifting client needs and expectations, change creates important opportunities. And I have exciting news to share with you about positive changes coming to Solutions.

First, I want to say how much I enjoyed talking to many of you and hearing about the great work you’re doing at this year’s SYNERGY Users’ Conference in Nashville. I hope those of you who attended had a rewarding experience — and that you returned to work with renewed energy and ideas about using technology to add value for your clients and staff.

And don’t forget that the connections you made at SYNERGY can benefit you long after you’re back in the office. Be sure to stay connected to the peers you met at the conference. Those are valuable relationships that will prove beneficial in the future.

In my keynote speech at SYNERGY, I talked about the interesting convergence of technology and what we can expect in the future. Artificial intelligence, blockchain, cognitive computing and natural language processing are now features of our reality. We’re transforming into a data-driven profession as we teach machines to learn and enter the era of the “smart internet.”

We need to think strategically about how machine learning and other technologies will converge and significantly impact the accounting profession in short order. And as hackers increasingly target the tax and accounting profession, we also need to accept that security is more important than convenience and prioritize accordingly.

Managing change in a digital world is both a challenge and an opportunity for accounting firms. As digital consumers, your clients and staff — and your prospects — have changed. Is your firm implementing a strategy to help you keep up? Are you beginning to plan how technology will affect your practice?

Maybe you have questions. Well, that’s what Thomson Reuters is here for. We know firsthand that your professional expertise can never be replaced, and we’ll help you navigate this new world.

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