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Taxologist Blog Series Part 1: Lay the Foundation for a Successful Implementation

Best Practices, Blog, Compliance, Corporate Income Tax, Global Tax Compliance, ONESOURCE May 19, 2015

Our 7-part Taxologist blog series will offer best practices on how to ensure you have a smooth implementation once you have started your tax technology journey.

Part 1: Dedicate time and resources upfront.

The best way to dedicate the proper time and resources is by assigning an internal project lead who knows the ins and outs of your tax department. Choose someone with an intimate knowledge of your day-to-day processes, existing technology and the tax department’s relationship to the broader organization. Make sure they have enough time to dedicate to the project by removing some of their daily tasks.

This person will be the first point of contact for your tax technology provider as the implementation moves ahead, so give them the authority to make executive decisions when needed to keep the implementation on track.

Having a dedicated internal project lead involved from start to finish can also have benefits once it’s time to train your tax team on the new technology. Because the internal project lead has experience with your existing processes, the new technology, and the differences between the two, their knowledge will be extremely invaluable beneficial in training your tax staff once you go live. The hands-on experience during the configuration of the technology is invaluable.

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