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Town of Menasha to Become Village of Fox Crossing, Partly

Blog, Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE April 7, 2016

With 86% of voters in favor, the west side of the Town of Menasha approved a plan to incorporate into it’s own village known as Fox Crossing.  Effective April 20th, the Village of Fox Crossing will then become official, while the east side will remain as the Town of Menasha.  Basic city services throughout both areas will remain in tact, however, there will now be two governing boards created with the intention of holding another election sometime in June.  The purpose of that election will be to determine if the east side, Menasha, wants to incorporate along with Fox Crossing on the west, once again uniting into one community.  Officials are hopeful that will be the case in order to preserve their own town borders which have diminished over the years from the nearby city of Appleton annexing land of its own.