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You’re Ready for “Free Shipping Day” – What About Those Other 364 Days?

Blog, Indirect Tax, ONESOURCE December 18, 2015

You’ve prepared, you’ve tested, you’ve validated. Free Shipping Day is no match for you! But what about the other 364 days of the year when shipping may not be free? There are so many things you must consider: what’s being shipped, where it’s being shipped, how it’s being shipped, and even to whom it’s being shipped.

States differ on how they tax just about everything – freight is no exception. Is the freight charge separately stated, does it include handling, is the handling optional or mandatory? Are the items you’re shipping exempt from tax? All of them, none of them, mixed bag? In order to properly charge tax to your customers, you must consider all of the above and have a tax policy in place that not only supports your business requirements, but also the ever-changing world of tax law.

When it comes to tax, those other 364 days are just as important as Free Shipping Day. Ensuring that you’re properly charging tax to your customers is necessary for both audit and compliance purposes as well as customer satisfaction. Does your tax automation system account for the growing complexities of freight tax? Does it provide peace of mind that you’re not over or under-charging your customer?

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax does.

Contact us today to learn how we’ve got you covered for Free Shipping Day – and those other 364 days. Learn more about how ONESOURCE Indirect Tax applications.