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Tax Amnesty in Ohio

1099, Information Reporting for Wealth Management, ONESOURCE, Tax Information Reporting, Trust Tax May 29, 2012

Ohio’s tax amnesty program is now open, running through June 15, 2012. “Qualifying delinquent taxes” include taxes that were required to be paid to Ohio as of May 1, 2011 for which the state has not issued a tax bill or a notice of assessment or audit, and for which an audit has been conducted or is being conducted. If the delinquent tax amounts are paid in full prior to or during the amnesty period, one-half of the interest due will be abated, all applicable penalties will be abated, and the taxpayer will not be subject to civil or criminal prosecution with respect to those taxes paid.

The state Department of Taxation has created a website for the amnesty at  

  • FAQs are available at   
  •  Assistance by phone is available at 1-800-304-3211.  
  • Email inquiries about the tax amnesty program can be sent through a link on the webpage