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Minnesota Considering a Puppy Sales Tax Exemption

Indirect Tax, Sales and Use Tax February 2, 2011

puppyIt’s true I can’t resist an opportunity to write about cute, fuzzy animals when the opportunity presents itself. In a year where most states are introducing legislation to expand the sales tax to previously untaxed goods and services one legislator in Minnesota has introduced a bill to exempt certain “goods”. Rep. Pat Garofalo (R) has introduced a bill that would provide a sales tax exemption for pets sold by non-profit animal rescue shelters up to the cost of caring for the animal. Rep. Garofolo even brought a cute puppy named Milo to the committee hearing. “If anyone wants to testify against puppies and kittens, I’d be all ears,” joked Garofalo during the hearing. No one testified against the bill.

To read more and see pictures of Milo and Rep. Garofalo see: