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Massachusetts Extends Online Filing Deadline for the Annual Certification of Entity Tax Status

ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax, Software April 5, 2013

Massachusetts Department of Revenue has announced that they are extending the April 1st deadline for business entities to certify their tax status, via the online application located on their WebFile for Business website, to April 12, 2013.  This online filing assists assessors in determining which businesses qualify for various property tax exemptions.  Businesses that do not file the application online will not be added to the “Corporations Book” and may not receive property tax exemptions that they are otherwise entitled to.  First time filers using the WebFile for Business will need to register and it takes a minimum of two days to confirm registration.  The application itself cannot be filed online until the registration process is complete.  Businesses included in a combined return must be registered separately and applications filed separately.  The WebFile for Business website is: