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Woodland, California Sales Tax Proposal Takes a Beating

Indirect Tax, Tax Automation June 11, 2010

Woodland, CA voters are all set to vote on Measure V, which would raise the sales tax by a quarter-cent.  An unidentified source has been busy recently, attacking the measure and its proponents. It all began two weeks ago when registered voters received calls from an automated voice calling herself “Nancy”. Nancy proceeded to list off reasons not to vote for Measure V. Last Sunday, flyers were circulated throughout the town opposing the sales tax increase. The flyer listed off 10 reasons to oppose the tax and even included an apparent anti-tax passage from the bible. The wording on the flyers was suspiciously close to that of Nancy’s.

Supporters of the tax note that the legitimacy of this election could be called into question, as it appears it may violate California government code. The code mandates that any campaign which receives more than $1,000 in support has to register as a formal group and report contributions. It appears unlikely that the cost of the automated phone calls, flyer distribution and volunteers would be less than $1,000. As such, a complaint could be filed with California Fair Political Practices Commission.