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Joe Harpaz “40 Under 40” Honoree

Corporate Income Tax, Global Tax Compliance, Tax Provision, Transfer Pricing, US Income Tax Compliance, WorkFlow Manager December 13, 2011

Joe Harpaz, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Corporate business of Tax & Accounting was recently recognized by CPA Practice Advisor as a 2011 “40 Under 40” Honoree. This program is designed to highlight young professional leaders that have demonstrated their commitment to innovation and are shaping the future of tax & accounting.

Joe was asked to share some information with CPA Practice Advisor. Here is a peek at his responses. You can view the full article here –

Q. How is cloud computing changing the accounting profession, and how concerned are you with the security issues related to cloud computing?

A. I think cloud computing is a continuing evolution of web-hosted and SaaS offerings in the accounting profession. Accountants care about servicing their clients (whether it be a corporate tax department or a firm), and the ability to have a streamlined workflow that improves client service is the key. Technologies such as cloud computing are enablers of that. Security is a real concern, and there are daily reminders of the risk of hacking and data theft. What needs to be understood is that this issue is not any different whether a server is hosted inside a firm, corporation, or in the cloud vis-à-vis a data center. There needs to be on-going vigilance to ensure proper testing and monitoring of systems and hardening of environments through utilization of the latest technologies. Unfortunately nothing is 100% as is evidenced by the high-profile cases of sophisticated hacking of major corporate and government institutions.

Q. What are some ways your firm/business has gone “paperless” and/or “green” in the last two years?

A. As a leading provider of technology solutions to major corporations worldwide, we have implemented much of the automation and technology that brings paper processes to electronic. Most of the ONESOURCE corporate tax solutions provide online reporting, electronic filing, and other tools that make all tax data and compliancy available in an online format.

Q. What sports team/championship event do you absolutely refuse to miss?

A. I watch as many Knicks games as possible. I don’t miss the Super Bowl, NBA Slam Dunk Competition and the NBA finals.

Q. What are some of your favorite books and TV shows?

A. I am a big fan of all of the new USA TV shows such as Burn Notice, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. I am a fan of many espionage books and movies and also read the latest business and strategy books. I read the NY Times online, Car and Driver, and others.