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Thinking Globally and Inspiring the Inner Taxologist in Others

Blog, Corporate Income Tax, ONESOURCE, Tax Provision, Transfer Pricing, WorkFlow Manager September 3, 2014

“I think globally. I love inspiring the inner Taxologist in others.  I am a Taxologist,” says Sam Cicogna, VP of Professional Services at Thomson Reuters.

The tax function has evolved from its traditional role to a far more complex entity. This requires a new type of thinking and a new breed of tax professional that can move with, not against, this fast-paced environment. With increasing globalization, Tax cannot focus on US operations alone or rely on manual processes.

While it’s challenging to tackle problems on the global level of a tax organization, the benefits are certainly worthwhile. A holistic perspective benefits an organization and helps it run more smoothly in the long run. This improves work/life balance. Sam understands this important to tax professionals. In his job, he gets to enable just that by empowering future Taxologists.

Watch this video to meet Sam and learn more about the benefits of thinking globally—and subsequently break free from cumbersome manual tax processes.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos featuring additional Taxologists.

Sam-Taxologist Video