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We’re Listening: Global Tax Provision

Global Tax Compliance, Tax Provision, Transfer Pricing, US Income Tax Compliance, WorkFlow Manager February 7, 2012

Welcome the second update from our “We’re Listening @ ONESOURCE” series…the official series dedicated to addressing our ONESOURCE customers’ feedback. Do you have insights on how we can better serve our customers? We want to hear from you! Check back throughout the next seven weeks for more blog posts on how we’ve been able to incorporate your feedback! 

 One of the questions frequently asked at the 2011 ONESOURCE User Conference was:  What is our strategy around global tax provision and what are our plans to execute that strategy?

Ever-changing tax and accounting rules, multiple time zones and multilingualism…Whether it’s in the UK, China, Singapore or India, we’re hearing the same challenges across global tax departments. In order to help our growing global client base, we’re expanding our global footprint, especially in the area of local corporate tax return solutions in places like Australia, China, New Zealand and the UK. We’re building out a solution that allows clients to use a single global provision tool that feeds local data into a consolidated tax provision.  Our hope is that this will not only help clients stay compliant, but be more efficient and save hours out of their day. Stay tuned for a single solution that meets today’s global tax department’s needs and look out for the ONESOURCE Tax Provision version 8.2 release this month.

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