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ONESOURCE Income Tax – State Tax Tip #2

US Income Tax Compliance September 1, 2011

Today’s post is part of our continuing series of tips related to state tax processing in ONESOURCE Income Tax. Each week we will post a quick tip, reminder or FYI on different features that users of ONESOURCE Income Tax can utilize to make state tax processing more efficient, easier and maybe even faster!



Getting Help

Need a little assistance while working on your returns? Here are some helpful resources:

  • Help Topics – When logged into ONESOURCE Income Tax, simply press F1 for Help
  • Product Assistance
    • The Product Assistance web site is a very important tool to consistently use – it provides a wealth of information.
    • The link is:
    • Everyone in the tax department should have their own login
    • Call the solution desk (800-327-8829) if you do not have your web password
    • There is a link directly from within the product
    • Sign up for email notifications on all products/modules that you use
    • You can check the release schedule of the software
    • All on-line guides are posted to the web site; they are in PDF format and can be downloaded
    • We have direct links to the state taxing authority’s web sites
    • You can find the release schedule of the states
    • Direct link to the training and User Conference web sites
    • There is email support and you can check on, or create, a service request
  • Knowledgebase – a searchable resource database available on the ONESOURCE platform. Find answers to many of your questions here!
  • Online Guides
    • All available Online Guides can be found either in Product Assistance or through the Knowledgebase
    • Search in Knowledgebase for “Online Guides”
    • In Product Assistance, all online guides can be found under “Online Guides” on left hand menu
  • Solution Desk: 1-800-327-8829