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ONESOURCE Income Tax – State Tax Tip #8

US Income Tax Compliance October 13, 2011

Great State Gadgets!

Get to know and use these gadgets that can be found on the ONESOURCE platform. They can make a world of difference in working on state returns!

  • Apportionment by Entity & Jurisdiction

–      Displays the apportionment detail of average property

–      Payroll and sales within and everywhere for the selected states or entities, including the overall apportionment factor

  • Tax Payment Detail by Entity & Jurisdiction

–      Displays the type of tax payments made for each selected entity or jurisdiction throughout the selected tax year

  • Income Tax Due or Refunded by Entity & Jurisdiction

–      Displays the taxable income

–      Total tax (consisting of income tax excluding penalties and interest)

–      Payments and refundable credits

–      Amount due/overpayment (does include penalties and interest)

–      Amount to be applied to next year and amount to be refunded

  • PLUS! The Support Gadget (Don’t attempt a return without it!)
  • –      The Knowledgebase is your source for answers to common questions. But if you have a question about something that you can’t locate in the Knowledgebase, use the Support Gadget to send us an email and we’ll give you a hand!