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Virginia Attorney General’s Advisory Opinion About Dual Taxation

Blog, ONESOURCE, ONESOURCE Property Tax July 30, 2014

Virginia’s Senator Richard H. Black requested an official advisory opinion from Attorney General Mark R. Herring regarding a county and town assessing business tangible personal property and if this is dual taxation. On July 16th the opinion written is that both town and county may concurrently assess tangible personal property taxes when the property is located within both boundaries. This is supported by Constitution of Virginia Article X, § 4, and further described in The General Assembly §58.1-3511. Summarizing, that tangible personal property is subject to local taxation, and that the situs for assessment and taxation is based on the physical location of property such as county, district, town, or city. When the town is surrounded by the county and is not independent because the people and property are subject to county government, then both have the authority to assess tangible personal property.


To read the full opinion written by Mark R. Herring visit: