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Every Keystroke Counts! Review Enhancements to Accounting CS User Preference Options

Accounting Firms, CS Professional Suite Accounting & Auditing Solutions October 17, 2016

We have made the following enhancements to Accounting CS user preference options (in the System tab of the Setup > User Preferences dialog) that can save you keystrokes in data entry and expedite saving transactions in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen.

  • Use the ENTER key to move between fields. When this checkbox is marked and you enter a journal entry or bank account transaction (other than a payroll check), you no longer have to press the ENTER key multiple times to move through blank rows in the Distributions tab to save that transaction. If your cursor is in the Account field and that field is blank, pressing the ENTER key saves the transaction immediately.
  • Use the ENTER key as a shortcut to save in transaction entry. This new checkbox can be marked only when the Use Enter key to move between fields checkbox is marked. For a bank account transaction (other than a payroll check) for which the application has automatically populated the Distributions tab—if you’re using a template, for example, or because the vendor is set up with standard distributions—pressing the ENTER key when the cursor is in the Amount field causes the application to save that transaction immediately, rather than requiring you to press the ENTER key numerous times to move through the remaining distribution information before saving the transaction.