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Behind the Scenes: Exemplary Service

CS Tax & Asset Management Solutions, Our People June 5, 2013

Kevin DayMeet Kevin Day, director of UltraTax CS compliance development at Thomson Reuters in Dexter, Mich. He joined the company in 1999, and since that year has also served two tours in the Middle East with the Michigan Army National Guard.

Solutions: You were appointed to your current position just this year. What’s your history with Thomson Reuters?

Kevin Day: I was recruited right out of Central Michigan University as a programmer – my degree was in computer science – and I’ve been with the same department since January 2000. I’ve worked mostly in programming and software engineer positions, but in the last six years I’ve taken on more leadership roles.

Solutions: What do you do in your new position?

Kevin: The team I oversee is responsible for making sure we satisfy the compliance requirements for our users, offering every possible type of form, schedule, worksheet, and electronic filing capability within our UltraTax CS product line. My new role will incorporate many elements of the work I’ve been doing until now, especially when it comes to partnering with our users to make sure we provide all the capabilities they need.

Solutions: When did you begin serving in the Michigan Army National Guard?

Kevin: I joined in 1993 out of a sense of service, but also because of the educational opportunities. Everything changed in 2001. My sense of service became a sense of responsibility, and I was deployed to the Middle East twice in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It’s an honor to be selected for service and to work with people committed to serving the United States and the state of Michigan.

Solutions: Was it difficult to balance your work responsibilities with your military service?

Kevin: Of course it was challenging but everyone was very supportive, including Thomson Reuters. I never worried about having a job to come back to. Since I came back, I received my 20-year letter from the National Guard, which means I’m eligible for retirement. I’m still deciding whether or not I’ll retire. That will be a family decision between both my family at home and the family I have here at work.

Day Outside the Office

Family Loyalty. Day has been married nearly 17 years and has four children. His wife, Wendy, has been very supportive of his military service, even volunteering to work with other families of military personnel.

On-The-Job-Training. As a Command Sergeant Major, Day has received substantial leadership training. In fact, he says the U.S. Army is working with colleges and universities to have this level of training accepted as the equivalent of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.