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Behind the Scenes: Making Finance Fun

CS Professional Suite, Our People December 10, 2013

Peggy Cote

Meet Peggy Cote, a financial analyst in the accounting and finance department at Thomson Reuters in Dexter, Mich. She joined the company in 2002 in the forms design group, then three years later transferred to accounts receivable. In February 2012 she applied for the job she’s in today, where she can combine all her interests.

Solutions: You’ve followed a somewhat unusual path in your career at Thomson Reuters. Tell us about that.

Peggy Cote: I worked in the tax forms department for two years, but having come from a 20-year background in the travel industry I missed talking to people. Accounts receivable was a great place to have that kind of interaction. During that time I went back to school to earn my master’s degree, and after that I got this job.

Solutions: What’s involved in the work you do now?

Peggy: I spend most of my time focusing on myPay Solutions, gathering all the sales figures and creating internal reports. myPay Solutions includes a customer revenue sharing program, so we’re working hard to reduce the turnaround time for their quarterly payments and we’re making good progress.

Solutions: When you present internal finance updates, you make them understandable even for our employees who don’t work in finance. What’s your secret?

Peggy: I’m really more of a people person than I am a numbers person. My training came from selling travel and teaching people how to use airline computer systems. I’m just not your standard finance person.

Solutions: But don’t you have a Master of Science degree in Accounting?

Peggy: I do. I actually went back to school when my daughters were in college. In fact, I studied accounting with one of my daughters and was even in one of her classes. Juggling school, work, and personal life was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it.

Motherly Love

Team spirit. As a single mother, Cote couldn’t afford to pay all the bills herself, so her three daughters started working during high school to help out. “Whenever the car broke down or the basement flooded, we always worked as a team to take care of it,” says Cote.

School days. It’s unusual for a mother to go back to school with her daughters, but it made perfect sense to Cote. “My daughters found it hard to balance school and work. Being a mother means being a role model. If you’re not willing to do it,” she says, “how can you expect them to?”

Travel time. Cote still loves to travel and has taken special trips with each of her daughters. “My daughters are my closest friends,” says Cote.