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Behind the Scenes: Working Globally

CS Professional Suite, Onvio, Our People November 8, 2016

Meet Sally Paul, director of development services and project management. She joined Thomson Reuters in 1996 as a technical writer, after stints in social work and academic publishing. In her 20 years with the company, she has worked in technical communications and project management, and was named to her current position in 2015.

Solutions: What is the focus of your work?

Sally Paul: Cross-team communication. There are 800 people in development overall, and my teams support multiple development groups in seven countries. We help coordinate and keep everybody in communication.

Solutions: How do you keep teams on the same page?

Paul: Many tools: Slack channels, shared Google Docs, shared drives, Team Foundation Server (a tracking tool for development teams), the Thomson Reuters intranet and, of course, email and phone. We also have regular WebEx meetings where we can actually see one another. (We require everybody to turn on their webcams whether they’re shy or not!) Each spring we hold a weeklong internal conference where representatives from the global teams come together in Michigan and hash things out. It’s a pretty heavy-duty workweek, but it’s a chance to have some face-to-face time.

Solutions: What kinds of challenges do you face?

Paul: Development teams used to have a lot of ownership over their piece of the puzzle. Now many more players have a stake: other development teams, project management teams, support teams, sales teams. It’s been a huge change for us, but we’re learning how to work this way.

Solutions: What is your favorite part of the job?

Paul: I like working with super-smart people. We have a lot of really bright people all over the world. I’ve been inspired by their energy and their focus on the customer.

Out and About

Pooch perfect. Dogs are a big part of Sally’s life. “My husband and I don’t have any children. We have dogs,” she explains. The couple’s home has a large fenced yard, and they welcome neighbors’ pets to run and play. “We’re the neighborhood dog park.”

College-town culture. Sally works and lives in Ann Arbor and enjoys activities such as Saturday Morning Physics, a lecture series for the public by the University of Michigan physics department.

Outdoor enthusiast. Sally and her husband love being outside, particularly camping—which, she admits, “is hard in the winter in Michigan.”