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‘Twas auditing busy season, when all through the firm…

· 1 minute read

· 1 minute read

‘Twas auditing busy season, when all through the firm
No one was sleeping, especially not the interns
Nails were bitten, and foreheads were slick
Report deadlines were coming up. And quick!
The organizers were ready, audit staff on call
But echoes of client’s cries ring in the halls
Oh, my engagement plan? Where’s schedule M-3?
Email? Didn’t get it! No one told me!

A partner speaks up, she knows what to do
Audit Up! with Thomson Reuters
It’s the only way through!

She said nothing further, and went straight to work
Emailed her rep, then turn’d with a smirk
And laying her finger aside of her nose,
And giving a nod, said, “Look at these audit workflows.”
Secure confirmations. Research done by the pros.
Our clients will be happy, and we’ll be heroes!

The team sprang into action, gave the interns a whistle
And away they went to IT, to set up their new portals
But I heard them exclaim, as they ran out of sight
Happy Audit Season to all! Thomson Reuters software is a delight!

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