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Cloud Audit Suite

Audit technology enabling real-time digital collaboration between audit teams and clients

Progressive audit and accounting technology for the modern auditor

Thomson Reuters Cloud Audit Suite

Modern auditors know there’s never been a more challenging time to monitor and meet evolving regulatory changes and professional standards. And with emerging technologies like data analytics, machine learning, AI, and blockchain threatening to forever change the face of the accounting industry, firms are more focused than ever on innovation that will propel them into the next generation of audit automation.

The solution is the Thomson Reuters cloud audit suite, the profession’s leading end-to-end continuum of AI-enabled audit applications, provided by the industry’s most relied upon and trusted content provider dedicated to creating innovative tools to improve the lives of our tax, accounting, and audit partners. Enjoy the modern experience of the latest comprehensive audit workflow solution:

  • Manage your audit engagement: AdvanceFlow is your web-native organizational hub used to power your audit workflow while allowing next-level, real-time access to workpapers, trial balances, and peers throughout the engagement.
  • Guided, start-to-finish audit preparation, compilation, and review methodology: Checkpoint Engage delivers new technology to reduce unnecessary steps, while supporting junior audit staff, and providing in-application guidance to ensure you comply to standards throughout your engagements.
  • Secure audit confirmations: Confirmation is the easy, fast, and secure way to send confirmations to anyone, anywhere in the world, eliminating traditional methods that are prone to error, even fraud.
  • Deliver transparency while easily communicating business insights to your clients: With Inflo, you receive customizable technology to support the digitization of client services, analytics, testing, and collaboration features that streamline laborious processes.
  • Get fast answers with embedded research and professional standards: Checkpoint Edge leverages the 200+ years of our award-winning audit editorial staff, available throughout your engagement process and powered by AI that gets smarter with every search.

What audit automation provides to clients and firms

Cloud-based technology

Simplify your audit process from start to finish with an integrated, cloud-based solution that updates stakeholders in real time

Strategic business insights

Take your business offerings beyond the audit itself to provide clients strategic insights and advice based on robust data analytics

Real-time collaboration

Engage your staff with progressive technology and provide busy season work/life balance through efficiency and automation

Enables powerful integration

Eliminate inefficient, unbalanced workflows that negatively impact realization rates

Improved consultative services

Expand your client base and secure future revenue streams with more competitive tools and consultation services

Cutting-edge solution

Keep staff engaged and confident with cutting-edge tools that let them do their jobs quicker and more effectively

See the cloud audit suite in action

What is Thomson Reuters Cloud Audit Suite?

Thomson Reuters Cloud Audit Suite demo screenshot
Video of person viewing a chart on a laptop

Audit transformation takes place anytime, anywhere

What our customers are saying


Time savings realized with the integration between AdvanceFlow and Checkpoint Engage (2:22)
Chris Gleason of BHM CPA Group, Inc. talks about the efficiencies in their audit planning.


Using Checkpoint Engage and AdvanceFlow in specialty audit requirements (2:21)
Tim Vande Werken of Evenhouse & Co. discusses improved accessibility and security for audit engagements. 


Why We Use AdvanceFlow and Checkpoint Engage (3:21)
Accounting firm MN Blum shares how this integrated solution offers powerful efficiency and unparalleled flexibility to staff and clients.

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