Sales & Use Compliance Timely and accurate sales and use tax return filings

Indirect Tax
Sales & Use Tax

Control the Tax Return Process

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Indirect Tax Sales & Use Tax Compliance solution has the power and flexibility to streamline the tax return process. The end-to-end, Web-based solution empowers users with complete control. The outcome: improved efficiency, reduced costs and eliminated software maintenance.

The platform automates manual tax and accounting processes freeing up tax teams so they can focus on strategy and value-add initiatives. Real-time sales and use tax information, combined with customizable gadgets, create powerful compliance capabilities.

  • Access from virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic updates with no maintenance
  • E-file in 27 states
  • Reduced raw data manipulation
  • More data adjustment capabilities
  • Easy integration with other ONESOURCE solutions

Returns for all jurisdictions

Sales & Use Tax Compliance has forms relevant to any business, regardless of location or industry. It provides more than 700 signature-ready returns that are facsimiles of the official forms, and it is a market leader in e-filing support. Thomson Reuters works with state taxing authorities to ensure full compliance for each state’s unique electronic filing requirements.

Accurate reporting

With Sales & Use Tax Compliance, users choose federal, state, county, city, or district as necessary to meet the unique needs of their business.

Import flexibility

Customizable import options for ERPs, point of sale systems, ecommerce applications and in-house IT allowscontrol of the data. Import virtually any needed data point in CSV or ASCII format.

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